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How many Honda factories are there in Italy?

Our factory is the only Honda Factory in Italy and the only one in Europe that produces scooters.

Why is the uniform of Honda employees completely white?

The white uniforms were an idea of ​​our founder, Soichiro Honda, and were first adopted in 1952. A clean environment increases the passion for work, a good product cannot be created in a dirty factory. Hence the idea of ​​white uniforms. Stains are clearly visible on light colors: for this reason all Honda factories must be as clean as possible so that the white suits do not stain. The uniform is provided by the Company and everyone, from the President to the operators, wears an identical one.

How do employees learn the Honda Philosophy?

The Associates, as our employees are called, learn the Honda Philosophy through classroom training, the delivery of booklets explaining all the cornerstones of the Honda Philosophy and through internal communication channels.

What is the goal of the Honda Training Center?

The Training Center was created with the aim of constantly improving the technical skills of production Associates, preparing them for changes related to seasonality, new models, new technologies, new entrants, job rotation and actively involving them in the continuous improvement of the process.

How long does the training of Associates last in the Training Center?

It mostly depends on the type of training; if it concerns a new model, it is performed in several moments with a first static phase where the assigned work cycle is reproduced and a second “on the job” to acquire the necessary manual skills directly in the field, until the operator becomes completely autonomous and master of your workstation. On average, the training lasts 30-40 minutes, in some cases even reaching 4 hours for new operators.

Do the Associates have the opportunity for professional growth within the Company?

Every year the worker evaluates himself and receives the evaluation of his manager, in which the strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. This assessment, together with the educational and experiential background, help to define a growth path within the company.

What kind of selection is made for hiring?

The HR Division organizes an assessment both on transversal skills and on those related to the job. Operators also undergo a specific technical test in our Training Center.

Is there the possibility of internships in the company for school / university students?

Agreements are stipulated above all for school / work alternation projects aimed at high school students. We also have constant collaboration with universities both for curricular internships aimed at the acquisition of educational credits and for projects for the realization of degree theses.

Is it possible to buy motorcycles, scooters or spare parts directly from Honda Italy?

Honda sells its products exclusively through Official Dealers.

Where can you read the technical specifications of the models?

In the Products section you will find all the information on the scooters of our production.

What does WMTC mode mean? How is the fuel consumption indicated on the technical data sheet calculated for Honda scooters?

The values ​​indicated on the technical data sheets were obtained during the numerous tests carried out by Honda, in compliance with the standards set by the WMTC (Worldwide Motorcycle Test Cycle) regulation. The tests concern the basic and optional versions of the motorcycles, with only one rider on board. In fact, fuel consumption can vary based on road conditions, type of driving, maintenance, presence or absence of load and numerous other factors. This standard is very reliable and in line with the real conditions of use of the vehicle.