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Within Honda Italia every single productive process is made to guarantee most high qualitative standards that from always distinguish Honda products.

In accordance with Industry 4.0 have been implemented the Smart Tightening system, the system of smart screwing and new welding island both remote programmable and interconnect with company system: acquiring at real time data of processes and of production, increasing the efficiency and also quality of finished product. Also, our Supply Chain is in continue evolution and it is characterized for integrate and vertical management of processes.

Avant-garde technologies, highly qualified staff and innovation system are strength points of Honda Italia

Die Casting

High-Cycle Die Casting is a state-of-the-art technology that allows each part to be manufactured by casting aluminium alloys and then passing them through steel moulds. We use two Bühler machines, 840 and 1050 tons, which allow the moulding of small and large components.

All processing steps are monitored and traceability of the individual moulded parts is applied. Die casting produces the components for our scooters, which are then processed in the machining department.


In the mechanical machining section, numerically controlled machines are used, supplied by the best companies on the world market, with millesimal precision that guarantees the total reliability of the components.

The highest quality, in drilling, boring, tapping, turning, grinding and assembly, with constant controls thanks to advanced measurement technologies and specialized personnel.


In the welding section, highly robotic processes are combined with the expertise of the operators, ensuring quality and precision by perfectly matching parts and choosing the right welding parameters. Our expertise includes MAG (Metal Active Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), braze welding, spot and continuous resistance welding. Frames are welded with the MAG (Metal Active Gas) system, while tanks are welded with a combination of three different technologies: MAG, resistance welding and braze welding. After the first welding phases, the frames are subjected to mechanical machining processing and finally, before passing to cataphoresis, they reach the last station, which is calibration.

In this section, the human contribution is fundamental: all the highly qualified welders do not just “feed” the robots, but actively participate in the process during inspection, control and verification of the conformity of the part.


The painting section is equipped with three sub sections, ABS, SPC and CED, through which we are able to paint plastic, steel, aluminium and nylon using classic spray-paint,  electrostatic one and electrodeposition painting techniques.

The ABS section guarantees great paint spreading on plastic materials and fairings for a very high aesthetic yield; the SPC ensures a high wrapping power on steel, with consequent saving on paint consumption; the CED, thanks to the electro deposition process, ensures a homogeneous deposition of highly protective paint against corrosion.

The experience gained over the years, combined with the best painting techniques, result in an excellent product, a perfect combination of craftsmanship and industrial innovation. The intervention of highly qualified painters is fundamental in the manual preparation phases of certain colours and in the first visual quality control.

Scooter and Motorcycle assembly

Our assembly line, which brings the wishes of thousands of people around the world to life, is designed for maximum operator safety and production flexibility. It can be modified and adapted to new models, with a lean production approach and a continuous improvement program to optimize production operations. The tightening of screws, bolts and nuts is guaranteed by A-class torque spanners that combine quality, efficiency and process traceability. Assembly data is fully digitised and production is monitored in real time.

The workstations, designed by in-house Engineering and the Technical Center, guarantee maximum ergonomics for the operator: the material is in fact available with modular trolleys that have replaced conventional solutions. The production capacity is several hundred units per day.

Final inspection

At the final inspection, all the units are individually checked with a dynamic test on test benches and a static visual test. All this is necessary to check the quality and compliance with the design parameters.

Other tests are carried out on a sample basis to reconfirm the quality of the most important specifications. Once all the tests have been passed, the scooters are ready to reach dealers in Italy and abroad, with the certainty of satisfying the expectations and trust of our customers.