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Honda’s prestigious, fuel efficient and technologically advanced SH family of commuting royalty receive new looks for 24YM, led by the new ‘Vetro’ version of the SH125i / SH150i that will be guaranteed to turn heads in the towns and cities of Europe next year.

The Vetro is the brainchild – and a tribute to the technical skills – of the workforce at Honda’s factory in Atessa, Italy. It features distinctive semi-transparent unpainted green fairing panels – a special material .  The innovative new look also features a black front mudguard, black lower fairing with bold white Honda logo and a silver SH logo on the upper fairing.

The new 24YM SH125i and SH150i are the first Atessa-built Honda models to meet new EURO5+ emissions targets. These new regulations, which will become a legal requirement for all new model type approvals at the end of 2024, see the introduction of new ‘on-board’ monitoring of the catalyst, the lowering of the threshold for identifying an emissions related fault (therefore ensuring an earlier warning for the rider), stricter noise requirements and stricter long-term exhaust emission requirements.