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Honda Italia and Sangritana have signed a commercial agreement for the transport of components coming from the Far East through the port of Trieste and destined for the plant in Val di Sangro.

A strategic choice linked to the problems of motorway viability, the need to decarbonise transport, the new supply chain models that require a rethinking of transport networks in the name of ecological transition. The agreement between Sangritana and Honda Italia Industriale was an opportunity to reflect on transport and the regional industrial ecosystem.

The Plant Manager of Honda Italia Industriale, Marcello Vinciguerra, highlighted how in a historic moment in which the global transport crisis and the energy emergency are impacting the continuity of companies in every sector, Honda Italia and Sangritana have decided to act change that returns merit in terms of competitiveness and acceleration for environmental sustainability. Honda has announced the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 and, starting today, the challenge for the motorcycle division is to bring this result forward to 2040.

Alberto Amoroso, CEO of Sangritana, illustrated the company’s vision towards a new model of intermodal transport and the commitment made by the regional company to the continuous search to serve above all, and not only, the companies that can on the regional territory, such as demonstrates the agreement with Honda Italia which for the first time is taking the railway by increasing its green connotation and making its supply chain more efficient.