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Getting on a motorcycle is always exciting. When that two-wheeler is a Honda, it is even more so. Seeing is believing is not only a common saying, but also the best solution to really realize how it works and what sensations the bike that at first glance triggered the desire to own it transmits.

All this is the Honda Live Tour, the journey along our peninsula which on 6 September stopped off at our historic factory in Atessa. First of all our Associates, then customers or simply curious people had the opportunity to test the motorcycles and scooters of the Honda range, living a day dedicated to the culture of two wheels and road safety. From Africa Twin to the X-ADV, from the SH to the Forza, 28 models have been made available. Event organized in full compliance with anti Covid regulations, paying particular attention to cleaning and sanitizing the motorcycles (upon returning from the tour) and asking each participant to wear a helmet and personal clothing.

The participants were organized in shifts of about 30 minutes, distributed over different time slots to avoid crowds. Before each departure, the members of the group were able to meet with the staff who would accompany them, for a briefing in which they received all the necessary information on how to best enjoy the ride on a Honda.