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Two hours of lessons different from the usual for a large group of Business Administration students from the University of Pescara. Circular economy, green factory and sustainability are the main topics covered. A constructive moment in which the story of Honda Italia’s history, projects and improvement activities met the curiosity and desire for growth of the new generations.

The Factory Director, Marcello Vinciguerra, told about his experience, how he arrived in Honda Italia and what every day drives him to do better and better and to be an example for all the Associates. He stressed the importance of the Honda Improvement System, carried out by every person who works in Honda Italia, and its positive effect on business processes, as well as in the environmental and sustainability fields.

Giuseppe Madonna, Deputy CIE (Chief Inspector Engineer), then illustrated the Honda Italia policy to protect the environment for the pursuit of Carbon Neutrality; the technological evolution applied over the years to two and four wheels and what could be future developments; projects that aim to create secondary raw materials to pursue the principle of the circular economy: reuse, repair, recycle.

Led by Maria Vittoria Tozzi, communications specialist at Honda Italia, the students had not only the opportunity to get to know the Honda philosophy more closely, but also to virtually access the production plant in Atessa and find out how much work there is behind each model.