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Continuous improvement, team value, the ability to develop new ideas and look at things from a new perspective, share thoughts and confront each other: all this is the NHC, the Honda quality circles and June is the month of local conventions.

In Honda Italia they have been taking place continuously for almost 40 years, with groups of Associates who voluntarily decide to tackle a problem or win a challenge to obtain a better quality product, an optimal work environment, greater customer satisfaction, strengthen the relationship with the colleagues. Thirty-five working groups that were formed this year, in a perfect mix of young talent and veterans. Nine, instead, the groups of suppliers who took part in the event.

But the local convention is only the first step: the winning groups access the European phase which this year, due to Covid limitations, will take place in virtual mode. The next step is the world convention, one of the most expected and coveted appointments for Honda Associates.

The Honda Quality Circles represent one of the main tools through which all Associates can contribute to the growth and improvement of our company: every positive action is an extra brick that we pose to be a company that the society desires to exist.