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Fifteen engineering student involved, six training topics, thirty-two hours course focusing both on theory and implementation of practices, twelve projects works reported at the end of the programme.

These are the numbers of the initiative organized by Honda Italia and L’Aquila University, which are promoting together the knowledge development of students close to be important players in the next economic and social scenario.

Based also on positive feedback by the students, the experience enriched not only the technical body of knowledge but it also stimulated their communication / thinking skill and improvement mindset. The learning path will continue in 2022 giving the opportunity to develop in Honda Italia all projects work presented activating  a stage period which could be useful also to achieve final graduation.

Considering the success of this pilot project, Honda Italia together with l’Aquila University are planning a second session integrating the training programme with additional topics useful to get ready the students applying  their first job.

Commitment for 2022 is to standardize this partnership as best practice which can be useful also for other companies on the territory which strongly believe in the relation with Universities as strategic competitive value.