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As exemplified by the words of our founder “as long as we manage a means of transport, human lives are entrusted to us”, Honda, based on the concept of safe coexistence, wants that not only drivers and motorcyclists, but all those who share the road, can enjoy the freedom of mobility without danger. However, safety is not only on the road understood as the ability to drive a vehicle without causing harm to oneself or others, but also to build safe vehicles, equipped with all the advanced systems that ensure the best driving conditions.

Road safety

We produce means of transport and our commitment is not only to provide models that are equipped with the most sophisticated safety systems, but above all to train people so that they are aware of how to drive and what are the rules that must be respected while on the road.

Not only for your own health and safety, but also for that of others. Every year we organize internal driving courses for our Associates: professional Honda Italia riders make themselves available to teach how to drive a scooter or a motorcycle or to improve their technique.

Product safety

At Honda, improving safety performance has always been our top priority in product development. We focus on understanding real-world incidents, then analyzing data and other methods to find answers to the most difficult security problems.

How can we prevent multiple crashes from occurring? By aiming higher, we strive to develop the most advanced security technologies in the world.

Safety in the workplace

Honda Italia, like the whole Honda Group, is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its associates on a daily basis, so that everyone can perform his or her duties in a danger-free environment. The HSE Department has the fundamental task of monitoring, updating and controlling the application of health and safety regulations.

Particularly in this period marked by the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, all necessary measures have been put in place from the outset to ensure that our health and that of anyone who comes into contact with our Company is protected. At the same time, we ask our Associates to comply with the laws, regulations and company policies relating to health and safety in the workplace, and to be the first to commit to keeping it safe by preventing and minimising accidents.