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Honda Italia attended the Waste Management Europe 2022, the international event dedicated to waste management and the circular economy. In pavilion number 9 of the Bergamo fair, in collaboration with Eco.Lan, a company that deals with the collection, transport, recovery / recycling and disposal of urban waste, the “Pallet Second Life” project was presented, born from a Quality Honda Circle which aimed to identify production waste that could be easily reusable and have an easily replaceable intended use.

The choice fell on “oversized” pallets, not interchangeable according to European legislation. Easy to work with, versatile and available in quantity. Honda Italia took care of the preparation for reuse, storing the materials in a dedicated environment, managing the loading and recording operations of the outgoing materials. Eco.Lan followed the stages of pallet transformation.

With the pallets destined for reuse, objects of furniture have been created: benches, seats with backs, vase holders, shelves for books and CDs, TV cabinets, niche for storing bins for separate waste collection. Material mostly intended for the “Open Air School” project. An ideal intersection between environmental and social sustainability. There can be no sustainable development if the protection and respect for the environment do not begin in the places where the new generations are formed, those same generations that tomorrow will inhabit the planet earth and will be healthy bearers of values ​​such as responsibility and equity.