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Italy is often considered the “center of gravity” of European motorcycle culture; a deep-rooted passion for two wheels that influences and extends all over the world.

Honda draws directly on the beating heart of this culture through the R&D center in Rome, where the new trends are collected and Japanese and Italian motorcycle culture are combined, and the Atessa plant, where for over 50 years innovation, technology and passion have continued to produce Honda’s leading scooters on the European market.

A link that Honda Motor Europe underlined and reaffirmed with an event which was attended by European journalists from the specialized press who, starting from the R&D center in Rome, crossing Italy, touching the beauty of the Abruzzo region all the way to the Adriatic coast, to the production plant of Honda Italia. All in the saddle of three models produced in Atessa: SH350i, Forza 350 and ADV350.

During the day, an immersion between the motorcycles and scooters that have made the history of the Abruzzo plant and those currently in production. Then the visit of the departments, before getting back on the scooters and returning to the capital passing through the peaks of the Gran Sasso, the highest mountain in the Apennines and the beautiful Maiella National Park.


Three hundred fifty for three

Same engine, but extremely different driving characteristics: SH350i, ADV350 and Forza 350 were the protagonists of the road tests.

The SH is by far the scooter that dominates the registration rankings in the main European countries: the high wheels, the flat floor and the extreme ease of driving make it perfect for tackling bumpy city streets safely.

The ADV 350, thanks to its excellent suspension and aerodynamic design, has a particularly stable behavior at high speeds. Ideal for trips outside the city.

The Forza 350 is reliable and powerful on the motorway and can also handle city traffic very well; a moving sculpture with great aerodynamic efficiency and unmistakable style.