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It’s our family of GT scooters, rich in advanced technology and consistently brilliant performance, defined by contemporary, elegant styling. Honda unveils the Forza 350, presented together with the 125 and 750, which will be produced from December at the plant in Italy.

A new model, exactly this is the moment more than before to encapsulate in the name of Forza(Force), the commitment, skills, dedication and collaboration of Honda Italia Associates, put in place to achieve this result, leaving behind the months of lockdown.

Compared to the 300, it has more power and torque for faster acceleration and a higher top speed, allowing you to do much more. The cleaner, liquid-cooled, EURO5-approved eSP+ engine features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) for consistent rear-wheel grip.

The sleek bodywork features refined styling and improved aerodynamics for high-speed comfort, with an additional 40 mm displacement of the electric windscreen.

A redesigned digital/analogue instrument cluster now features the option of a voice command system for smartphones, which connects via Bluetooth to many of your device’s functions.

The Smart Key operation of the ignition ensures maximum ease: just put it in your pocket. In addition, the all-LED lighting projects a high-quality characteristic light and ensures a higher level of active safety.

A refined look ideal for aggressive performance, the flowing, modern lines create an authentic sense of sportiness and are developed in a refreshed, refined form. The updated front fairing and air intake combine perfectly, managing airflow to reduce driver back pressure at speed, while the electric windscreen provides wind protection at the touch of a button. Featuring a handy USB port in the glove box, it also has ample space, essential for city life.