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In our company we are increasingly focused on achieving high standards of improvement in terms of safety, quality and cost reduction. To do all this we are constantly looking for ideas and projects that can lead us to be a Best small Factory Honda. One of them is the Photoshooting project.

The idea was born during the planning of the new SH and NSS models, during which it was also reflected on the fact that the shooting activity on our products was carried out in external photographic studios, supported by our Sampling & Color area. This required particular attention to safeguarding the models (in the vast majority of cases these are prototypes under embargo), an important financial outlay and compliance with a timing that is often irreconcilable with the dates of the promotional events.

A feasibility study was therefore proposed to the Top Management for the realization of the Photoshooting services in Honda Italy. The project was welcomed with enthusiasm and proactiveness: the executive phase was passed and in less than six months the Engineering Division, with the supervision and technical support of HME photographers, planned, designed and built the first photographic studio Honda in Europe.

At the end of the construction, the laboratory was tested by professionals in the sector who, from the first shot, were enthusiastic. The perfect combination of structure and setting made it possible to obtain perfect shots, even higher than those taken up to that moment, collaborating with external studios. The studio was also approved for the production of videos, thus expanding the scope of its use.

Since last September, most of the motorcycles produced and destined for the European market have passed through Honda Italy to become the protagonists of photo and video shoots, “posing” for the lens of groups of photographers from all over Europe. It is impossible to hide our pride in this new reality, which is slowly becoming a point of reference.

Having created a photographic studio “in our house” means increasing the safety in the management of prototypes, decreasing the time between shooting and promotional event but, above all, reducing the costs of transport and realization of services with external professionals.