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Honda Italia gives its contribution to society and customers by creating quality products and cutting-edge technologies and living harmoniously with local communities.

Numerous initiatives have been undertaken, with the aim of offering joy and happiness to people and promoting continuous training.

Spreading joy

In accordance with the principles of the Honda Philosophy, Respect for the Individual and the Three Joys, Honda Italia is passionately committed to create a society where everyone can follow their dreams. As a ‘Company formed by Citizens’, Honda Italia supports society through the provision of goods and services and through charitable activities that fulfil its social responsibility.

In recent years, Honda Italia has send supports for the victims of the Kumamoto and Central Italy earthquakes, and is currently at the forefront of the health emergency, supporting the Civil Defence and local voluntary organisations involved in the Covid-19 emergency.


Honda Italia considers the relationship with the world of education and training institutions extremely important for the mutual growth. It has a close link with universities and with the Higher Technical Institutes System (ITS), considering it as an integral part of the Company as it is actively involved in setting up of courses, providing specialized technical teachers and hosting young people for internships. We are involved in several projects for the diffusion of safety and mechanics.

With the Hubruzzo Foundation, Honda Italia carries out the “Abruzzo Ethics” project with the aim of promoting virtuous behavior that aims at economic, social and environmental sustainability.


Guided by the fundamental beliefs of “Respect for the Individual” and the Three Joys” (“The Joy of Buying,” “The Joy of Selling,” and “The Joy of Creating”), Honda endeavors to share joy with people around the world and aspires to be “a company society wants to exist.”